Collection two is perfect for graduating seniors...

Documenting such a milestone has become a trend that I hope continues for a great while.  I love the energy and excitement that this age group can bring to a session.  Seniors typically like to have a couple of outfits that showcase their personality.  Maybe your senior is a fashionista and wants to be photographed in more than 2 outfits?Then they might be interested in Collection One. If they are outdoorsy or athletic let's put some action shots together.  Perhaps they are a serious musician, a classical dancer, or a book worm; if so, then that can lead us in different directions.  Let's brainstorm together to come up with a look or feel that will lead to a cohesive collection that is true to their personality.  

Coordinating outfits and locations ahead of time can lead to a more polished collection of images.  Taking care of little details (like making sure clothing is properly ironed, fingernails are clean and trimmed, shoes are not too shabby, just to mention a few) really improve the investment in your photos. Logos, busy large prints, and text on shirts draw the viewers eye away from the face and the face is what we are trying to showcase in a portrait!

Being in front of the camera can be quite intimidating so please do not bring a friend along unless they are willing to be incredibly goofy and make you laugh.  Fair warning, any extras will be enlisted to hold reflectors or light stands.