Road Trip

We wanted to take advantage of a week off of school over Thanksgiving.  So we loaded up the car and drove to San Diego.  We took a slight detour on the way there to see the Grand Canyon and on the way back we checked out Vegas.  My daughter and I had seen the Canyon before but it was the first time for my husband and son.  They were impressed!  We rolled in just in time for sunset and left in the morning so it was short but sweet.  I loved the varied terrain surrounding the Canyon too.  Just steps away and the environment looks like it could be in an entirely different state.  I must admit that the edge of the Canyon makes me a bit queasy.  No mountain climbing for me!  Hiking yes, but if ropes are needed, I'm outta there!  We really need to make it back to the Canyon soon for some more quality time and day hikes.


Although I packed lots of photography equipment I was too busy spending quality time with the family to have many photos to show for it.  I couldn't resist a few though.  My parents live on a beautiful golf course just inland from Del Mar.  The smell of the Eucalyptus and Pepper trees in the early mornings makes me feel like I'm at a spa.  The week was full of lots of good food, plenty of sunshine and pool time. I hardly took my camera out in Vegas.  We had planned on taking in a show with the kids but they were pooped from the week spent with cousins.  After a satisfying bowl of Ramen at Momofuku's, and watching the lights and fountain show at the Bellagio, we fell asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow.  I'm going to make it a point to take advantage of that gorgeous light they have west of the Rockies and take more time!